Hi-Torque Starter Motors

Featuring 170Amp 'Hi-Tech' & 220Amp 'Performanator' Alternators

'CAE Performance Products branded Hi-Tech' & 'Performanator' Alternators utilise cutting edge technology, which is not used in current aftermarket alternators. Our 'Hi-Tech' Alternators are specifically manufactured to suit high performance applications, which says goodbye to the standard dinosaur-based alternator technology.

6 PHASE STATORS - Our 6 Phase Hairpin Stators make 'Hi-Tech' Alternators more efficient than any other aftermarket unit. The new technology equates to increased efficiency at low engine revs, which allows less energy wasted in heat dissipation, thus expanding the life of the internal components. This is beneficial on Endurance & Turbo-Charged vehicles with high 'under-bonnet' temperatures. All our 'Hi-Tech' Alternators feature soldered Epoxy re-enforced Stators & rectifier connections, which dramatically reduces the chance of vibration failures.

HIGH POLE COUNT ROTORS - 'Hi-Tech' Alternator Rotors are built exclusively with precision-balanced low mass rotors, that operate safely at shaft speeds of 20,000+ RPM. The high RPM capabilities combined with excellent output at idle, gives these units a much broader operating range & more flexibility in crankshaft pulleys used. The Higher Pole Count on the Rotor also helps cut down the electromagnetic interference, which causes problems with radios & electronics within the vehicle.

TWIN RECTIFIERS - Our 'Hi-Tech' Alternators are assembled with Twin High-Efficiency Cooling Fans & Twin Internal Rectifier Plates. Other high performance alternators have only one rectifier with 6 diodes, where our 'Hi-Tech' units utilise 12 press-fit diodes, which allows a greater surface area to dissipate heat. These features assist in cooling airflow & heat dissipation that make our 'Hi-Tech' units more durable than any other units available.

Designed and Manufacured in Australia by Australians.

Hi-Tech & Performanator Alternator Application List

Part No.     ALT-BILLET01A      Description Chevrolet Small Block and Big Block - Ford Cleveland and Windsor V8s - Holden 308-305 and 253 Red-Blue and Black 6Cyls. Anodized Black