E.F.I. Wiring Kits - Holden V8 & V6
Holden E.F.I. Wiring Kits for EJ-EH. fitted with Holden V8 or V6 - Manual or Auto Transmission.

EH Holden
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS LOOMEFI-01  Engine Management loom to suit Holden Series 1 and 2 V6 Commodore Engines    $660 c/o  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS LOOMEFI-08  Engine Management loom to suit Commodore V6 Ecotec Engines with Auto or Manual Conversion loom. Suit under dash set-up.    $990c/o  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS LOOMEFI-03  Engine Management loom to suit Holden VN-VP V8 Engines    $880 c/o  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS LOOMEFI-04  Engine Management loom to suit Holden VR-VS V8 Engines    $990 c/o  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS LOOMEFI-15  Engine Management loom to suit Holden VT V8 Manual and Auto Engines    $990 c/o  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS MEMCAL-VT/V8  Re-programmed Memcal to Delete Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VATS) and Calibrated to suit conversion.    $450c/o  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS MEMCAL-VT/V6  Re-programmed Memcal to Delete Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VATS) and Calibrated to suit conversion.    $450c/o  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS MEMCAL-VR/V6 AUTO  Re-programmed Memcal to Delete Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VATS) and Calibrated to suit conversion.    $450c/o  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS LOOMS/S-02  Speed Sensor assembly and Loom with speedo cable provision. Suit T-350-400. Powerglide Auto Trans.     $240  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS SC-01  Early Holden and Ford suit Toyota Celica and Supra Gearbox Conversions    $77  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS B0580464070  Hi-pressure EFI fuel pump    $195  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS BF-5030  Hi-pressure fuel filter    $20  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 11004/KIT  Lift pump. Low pressure    $140  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS ST-4  EFI Surge Tank Round 130x250cm    $180  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 10229  Holden Commodore VT 5Ltr and V6 In-tank Fuel Pump Assembly.    $255  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS SUMP-04B  V6 Commodore VN-VP-VR engine into early Holdens Toranas and Gemini. Need original Sump and Oil Pickup as change over unit.    $550  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS SUMP-04A  V6 Commodore Ecotec engine suit Early Holdens Toranas and Gemini. Need Oil Pickup as change over unit    $660  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS CH-EM60  Superseded by C/H-EM60P/M    $0  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS A1158  Transmission rubber mount to suit T700 and T5    $44  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS SPEEDO-1  HJ-HZ Holden Electronic Speedo Conversion (will require original Speedo to perform conversion)    $660.00  
WIPE IT W/M-HOLDEN EJ-EH  HOLDEN EJ-EH Replacement 2 speed wiper motor.    $500  
HI-TORQUE G/R-03/1.9  253-308 V8 Holden. Suit Manual and Automatic trans. 1.9HP / 1.4KW    $350  
HI-TORQUE G/R-03/2.5  253-308 V8 Holden. Suit Manual and Automatic trans. 2.5HP    $450  
HI-TORQUE G/R-03/6C1.9  6 Cylinder Holden. 1.9HP / 1.4KW    $385  
HI-TORQUE G/R-03/6C2.5  6 Cylinder Holden. 2.5HP    $450  
HI-TORQUE G/R-03/V6A1.9  V6 3.8ltr Commodore Engine. Suit Automatic trans. (9 Tooth pinion)    $385  
HI-TORQUE G/R-03/V6M1.9  V6 3.8ltr Commodore Engine. Suit Manual trans. (10 Tooth pinion)    $385  

E.F.I. Wiring Kits for EJ-EH Holden fitted with Series 1, Series 2 or Ecotech Holden 3.8 Litre V6 or V8 EFI Engine and Transmission.

Fitting Details; We recommend that this conversion, whether it be a V6 or V8 engine that is to be fitted, should be done with an under body bracing kit, which bolts under the car and incorporates the gearbox crossmember to which the handbrake mechanism is attached and a tailshaft safety loop for safety sake.

Only a very minor welding job is required where the rail locks into the rear spring hangers, the rest is all bolt in with only holes to be drilled by the fitter.   The frame then allows the vehicle to be easily jacked up, lifted on a hoist and of course prevents body deterioration (fatigue).   A raised floor tunnel is supplied and can be screwed, welded or pop riveted in.

The installation is carried out with the use of a HD-HR front crossmember. The front outrigger is removed and replaced with one from an EJ-EH, if available, or custom built to suit. The crossmember centre section is cut out for sump clearance and strengthened considerably.   A strengthening plate is added to the bottom to make the underneath look smooth. A rack and pinion steering unit is fitted to the front of the crossmember.

The best approach is to purchase a HD-HR drum brake front end (disc brake units are very hard to find), strip the front end and use the crossmember as a change over unit to cut costs. The existing suspension components should be reconditioned with new bushings and ball joints as necessary then re-fitted to the new crossmember. A disc brake conversion kit (DB 8) is available to fit HQ-WB ventilated discs to the drum brake spindles and is essential.

The rack and pinion kit consists of approximately 34 pieces including reshaped steering arms, wishbone strengthening rods, stabiliser brackets and bar connectors, all mounting rubbers, a length of 9/16" steering bar, bushes, bolts etc. No universals are supplied as these are standard Torana units. The steering column used is up to the fitter, however CRS can supply a modified EJ-HR unit along with a specially made extension to clear the exhausts. If in Queensland, this column is part of the requirements and a specially made floor mounting bracket must be used. This is not essential in any other state of Australia (or N.Z.), where you can fit whichever column you wish. An LH Torana unit is a good one to look for.

Extractors are required for V6 & V8 conversions, with provision for  screw in oxygen sensor. It is also recommended that they be JET-HOT Coated, which we can also supply. This process stops heat dissipating through the pipes, stops corrosion and looks great as well as giving your extractors a life time guarantee.

If using a post 1994 engine please note that the matching transmission has no provision for a mechanical speedo cable. We recommend that you use a pre 1994 transmission if you wish to retain the original speedo. If using the post 1994 transmission a matching digital speedo is required and will need to be custom adapted into the dash.

We have found it best to set up the battery on the right hand side and the air box fitted to the left hand side. The E.C.M. is mounted back in the original position (LHS kick panel) or above the glove box. Our wiring loom is supplied on a changeover basis for the engine to computer loom. If no changeover is supplied an additional cost of $200 will apply.  Prices may vary if Ecotech engine is used.             

All Prices in $Au including GST. Overseas orders will be lower. 
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