E.F.I. Wiring Kits - Chev Vortec.

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*Please Advise on Transmission Application
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS MEMCAL-VORTEC  Memcal re-programed to suit Chev Vortec engines    $660  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS DIST-2  Distributor to suit sequential firing. Chev and Ford Application    $550  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS LOOMS/S-02  Speed Sensor assembly and Loom with speedo cable provision. Suit T-350-400. Powerglide Auto Trans.     $240  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS MEC-718  Ignition Coil    $80  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS B0280130026  Temp Sender.    $25  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS GM-12160245  Manifold Air Temperatuer Sensor    $17  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS B0580464070  Hi-pressure EFI fuel pump    $195  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS BF-5030  Hi-pressure fuel filter    $20  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS ST-4  EFI Surge Tank Round 130x250cm    $180  
CAE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 10229  Holden Commodore VT 5Ltr and V6 In-tank Fuel Pump Assembly.    $255  
HI-TORQUE G/R-01/1.9  Small Block and Big Block Chevrolet V8. Suit 153-168 tooth flywheel. 1.9HP - 1.4KW    $330  
Customer Information

E.F.I. Wiring Kits for Chev Vortec V8 Engine.

Kit Description:
This Set-Up is programmed to run on Premium Unleaded Fuel

We have a Complete Engine Management Kit to suit these engines utilising the factory manifold set-up. The kit comes with all parts required: - G.M. Delco reprogrammed PCM, new distributor, MAF Sensor, Oxy sensors, engine and control wiring loom (requires only 6 wire connection), Temp sensor, weld in oxy sensor bungs and coil. Please specify the vehicle application when ordering or contact us for more information. (Extractors shown in picture also available separately)

Please Note - Prices Can Vary Depending On Transmission Application
All Prices in $Au including GST. Overseas orders will be lower. 
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